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Mother's Day in a Domestic Violence Shelter

"We fight for our children before we fight for ourselves." - Domestic Violence Survivor (DV Services Study, 2011)

At Sheri's House of Hope, it has been our experience that 3 in 4 of the women that come through to stay in our program have been mothers. And it's been our experience that 2 in 3 of those mothers bring with them children under the age of 18. Although we work to provide safety in our long-term transitional home, holidays can be particularly hard for our women and children. The mothers in our shelter have made the hard choice to uproot their children and come to safety. Although their homes may have not been the safest, it was still their home, and leaving is never an easy thing to do. In honor of Mother's Day, we are asking that you spend just a minute to send prayers and good thoughts to the women and children in the House of Hope. To find out how you can support the women in Sheri's House of Hope, take a look at our Volunteer page at .

How can you help our mamas and children in the House of Hope shelter feel special during the holidays?

While we have several volunteer opportunities, there are many ways to help the women and children in our shelter!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Donate a Meal - Sending pizza or takeout from a restaurant is much appreciated and hey, less dishes for our ladies is always a nice thing!

  • Donate Books or Journals - Both our women and children enjoy journaling, relaxing coloring books, and reading.

  • Donate a Service such as a Haircut or Pedicure - This is a luxury that our survivors don't often get to experience and a special treat they will be so grateful for!

  • Send Items for a Movie Night - Create a basket filled with popcorn, snack and drinks to send so our women and children get to have a family night watching a fun movie!

  • Write a Letter - Send a letter of encouragement and hope to one of our women in the home. This reminds them that they're not alone and that there is someone in our community that is rooting for them!

At the end of the day, the women and children in our home want to feel safe and loved. Your contributions directly impact those currently staying in the House of Hope and sends a message that they are supported by their community. Our goal remains to provide support to the women and children in our home and we hope that our community can rally behind our survivors by becoming involved with the House of Hope. You can help spread a message of Hope by donating, volunteering or liking, commenting or sharing our information on social media and in the community.

At Sheri's House of Hope, Hope begins here. Hope begins with you.

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